How to Hire the Best Cleaning Company

How to Hire the Best Cleaning Company

Tidy space, tidy mind!


It is been reported that around 77% of the workforce in the UK are more likely to feel productive, self-motivated and generally more efficient if they are in a clean and tidy work environment.


For a lot of us, most of our waking hours are spent at work, why not make sure it is a productive and fresh feeling environment for you and your staff.


With so many companies around, how do you know the best cleaning company to hire? Here’s what you need to know:



Testimonials are an incredibly helpful way to understand how a company works and whether it suits your requirements.


Specific needs

You need a company that can tackle many different challenges, from office space to bar cleaning, chewing gum removal, hospital and surgery cleaning to universities and shops.

We know that not every workspace is the same, so we pride ourselves on providing a varied and unique cleaning service depending on your requirements.



We want you to avoid untimely costs to your work area, which is why consistent up-keep is vital to stop any area from getting irrevocable damage.

Unexpected moments are inevitable; whether there have been unforeseen damages or a deep clean is imperative, availability is an absolute necessity for you.


Benchmark Cleaning covers the London area and is an experienced and highly professional company that specialises in cleaning your workspace, no matter where you work.

We know the demands that are placed on you as an employer, so let us take the weight off at least one area of your job.


Whether you need our well presented, competent staff for an hour or 4 times a week we can help. Additionally, offering a commercial window cleaning and professional carpet cleaning service means we are your one stop shop for a clean workspace.


Reduce sickness and create a morale-boosting, motivated workforce you will be surprised what a difference it can make…

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